Thanksgiving, November 2018

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Thanksgiving November 2018

November Is A Month For Thanksgiving. As We Recap The Year, Eminence Events Shares…

9 Reasons Why We Are Grateful To Be In the Events Industry In Singapore

Constantly on the phone with vendors. Overflowing with creative ideas. Can-do attitude. Physical stamina, mental agility. Keen eye for details. These are some of the traits of a typical event manager/planner.

In order to handle all kinds of events from brand activation’s, experiential marketing, product launches, sporting events, special events and Meeting Incentives Conference and Exhibitions (M.I.C.E.), event managers/planners have to be constantly on the ball and have their pulse on the media, technology, and any resources they can get their hands on. It’s a demanding profession, but one that reaps many rewards. Thankfully, being in the Events Industry in Singapore makes the work productive and ever-exciting.

Here are 9 reasons why:

  1. Technology adoption is high, takes away the tedium of data entry
  • More advanced platforms for events registration and check-in systems mean less paper work, lightening the load for the admin side
  • Real-time updates also make event monitoring a lot more efficient!
  1. Chance to do regional events 
  • One of the most lauded business destinations in Asia, Singapore’s reputation creates plenty of opportunities to handle regional events
  • Gives us exposure to an international audience
  1. Speed and responsiveness of vendors 
  • Singaporeans are known for their speed and efficiency, and this applies especially to the high-quality vendors found here
  1. Quality of vendors 
  • Due to our network of contacts, we are able to pull in the best people in the industry to deliver the best service for our clients
  • We pride ourselves in building long-term working relationships with these vendors
  1. Meeting people from all walks of life 
  • Meeting inspiring people and stakeholders from many industries is an eye-opening experience
  1. Job satisfaction after an event 
  • Favourable attendee and client testimonials after events make our work worth the effort we put in
  • We love knowing that we created a lasting impact on our guests and clients
  1. Audience engagement 
  • Interaction between brand and consumer and that shared experience during the event is very powerful
  1. Singapore’s unique venues
  • From world-class venues to more intimate settings, there is a venue for every event
  1. A wide range of key industries 
  • From medical, to F&B and retail, there are opportunities, partnerships and collaborations galore that add on to our growing portfolio

Eminence Events has served a wide range of industries over the 11 years we have been in business. We are constantly striving to upgrade ourselves and technologies and audiences change. It has indeed been an exciting journey to witness the changes over the years. Even today, we come across clients who have not yet tapped on technology to make their events smoother and we are glad to be part of that process to help them automate one section of their business.

If you are thinking of having an event to promote your brand and generate more awareness and leads, contact us at Let’s see how we can work with you to create a memorable, outstanding event!