Spotlight on Millennials: Three Things in Events That Millennials Respond To

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Spotlight on Millennials: Three Things in Events That Millennials Respond To

They may be young, but they are aware of what they want from your event. Here are three things you should focus on to get them tuned in.

Create an experience they value

Unlike baby boomers, millennials value things that are qualitative in nature. According to a study sponsored by Eventbrite, “this generation (millennials) not only highly values experiences, they are increasingly spending time and money on them: from concerts and social events to athletic pursuits, to cultural experiences and events of all kinds. For this group, happiness isn’t as focused on possessions or career status. Living a meaningful, happy life is about creating, sharing and capturing memories earned through experiences that span the spectrum of life’s opportunities.”

How can you create authentic experiences millennials won’t forget? Use millennial mindset to understand and embrace the uniqueness of this generation and create event experiences that are sticky, rich and worth talking about.

Make it interactive

If it’s not interactive, it’s tediously slow, one-way talking! Say so long to the days of talking head and focus your event activities around a method where your attendees steer the conversation. If you’ve been keeping an eye out for the latest trends in events management, you understand how short presentations, participant-focused workshops, and diversity in activities are received more openly than lengthy keynotes and plenary sessions. Interactivity is your key drive and the element millennials value the most. Use this insight to achieve your event goals.

Leave a lasting impression

Impressing millennials leads to many great things you can’t achieve otherwise. For one, they talk about the good experiences to the people they know, giving you a word-of-mouth service. For another, they take it to the social media, creating content for you and helping your events go even more viral – without you having to ask for it. For yet another, they carry it with them for years to come, becoming your most loyal attendees and brand advocates.

Your event is bound to thrive and win millennial’s attention if you remember to factor in the three things we discussed above. For more advice and specific consultation, contact us today!