National Day X Bicentennial Celebrations

National Day X Bicentennial Celebrations

We are on the cusp of National Day and in the thick of celebrations for Singapore’s bicentennial this year – talk about celebratory, large-scale events and happenings!

With the F1 Singapore Grand Prix coming up in September and countless food festivals and tech conferences that have come and gone this year, the 2019 calendar is filling up to be a jam-packed and dynamic one. And why should you miss out?

Sell Your Products Directly Through An Effective Event

You, too, can have an event for your brand that will generate plenty of brand recognition, awareness and sales. An event is where your target audience, partners and potential customers converge to see and hear what your brand has to say – so say it well. Better yet, tell them through an experience.

Reach New Audiences

The face of event marketing is changing. If you’re not using attendee registration platforms, event apps, livestreaming or technology such as virtual reality to enhance attendee experience, you may be too late to the game!

And why should you be using these technology? One word – millennials.

To capture your share of millennials (more often than not, they make up a great percentage of your audience and have big spending power), simply give them what they want. And that is content!

Unique and electric performances that they can video and share on their Instagram stories, photo opportunities that they can snap and tag, trendy food and drinks to rave about, event memorabilia to keep and most important of all, an event experience that they cannot forget.

Event Marketing: A Cost-Effective Marketing Tactic with Guaranteed Results

We integrate marketing know-how with event expertise to help our clients create memorable, immersive events that audiences will remember. Supported by a full-fledged marketing team, our events are well-conceptualised and executed way before the first interaction with customers all the way to post-event memories.

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