Event Tech Tips to RAMP UP ROI for Your Next Event

By May 30, 2019 No Comments

Not sure how you can use technology to attract more attendance and sales at your next event?

Technology is ever-changing, and so is the events industry. But one thing that remains unchanged is the fact that events remain the MOST effective marketing strategy for brand promotion and lead generation.

Here’s how you can make use of technology to optimise ROI from events!


1. Embrace Innovative Event Management Tools

Use of web-based event management software that can be accessed on many platforms enables you to collect data and monitor the event in real-time. We are constantly on the lookout for the best technology that integrates essentials such as registration, email campaigns, social media, event apps and engagement tools.

2. Switch to Mobile Tickets

Going paperless has multiple benefits, and you get to save the earth too! With an easy and user-friendly back-end system to support mobile ticketing, customers are able to buy, save and access their tickets all on a single platform – even at the very last minute before the event opens! You’ll be able to check guests in with the touch of a finger and keep track of attendance rates. With attendee contact information stored in the system, you can also plan a hasty follow up to turn participants into leads.

3. Organised Guest List Management

You want to make every attendee feel like a valued customer and personalise the event to them. With an organised guest list system that is automated, your registration process will be smooth like butter and you can even build an instant connection to your guests!

4. Immerse in Fully Integrated Mobile Experiences

If you think about it, event planners put in effort so that events become effortless – smooth registration, wholesome entertainment, photo opportunities at every corner, flow of knowledge and information. By elevating your event with technology such as virtual reality and social media for interaction, attendee engagement will be at an all-time high!

5. Be Big on Big Data

Gain insights on consumers for a more effective and targeted marketing strategy. Technology and big data now allows us to measure the ROI of our event so we can keep streamlining our events marketing strategy.

Especially for large-scale events on a tight timeline, you must use technology to increase efficiency and focus on your marketing objectives. Technology will help you to cut costs, increase productivity and maximise attendee engagement for a successful event marketing campaign that will multiply your ROI, guaranteed!

Eminence Events integrates marketing know-how with events expertise to help you create memorable, immersive events that attendees continue talking about. Supported by a full-fledged marketing team, we ensure that your event is well-conceptualised and executed with a focus on technology and productivity.

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