Eminence Events Moves to Raffles Place!

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Eminence Events Moves to Raffles Place!

Office relocation is a huge event indeed.

When Eminence Events was set to move last year, we went through months of planning, preparation and packing, and finally moved to our new office in January 2019 – just in time for our slew of events starting from mid-January onwards!

We found a space in the revamped PLUS Building (formerly Equity Plaza) right in the heart of Singapore’s central business district – the location was ideal, the timing was right and we were all ready for the big move.

And we’ve finally settled down in our new home!

ENCE office moved 2019A big thank you to all our team members who helped with the moving. We are used to packing, organising and carrying heavy loads when it comes to client work, but it feels different doing it for ourselves! It wasn’t easy but due to our collaborative team effort, we managed to fully realise our vision of the new office within a few short days.

Our Director, Jonathan Ewe, shares, “Now that we have moved to Raffles Place, we enjoy closer proximity to our clients. A few of them are within walking distance of our new office so it’s really convenient, both for them and for us. Our team also enjoys a bigger space and a more conducive environment to work in. I can attest that some of them actually stay later due to the wonderful office environment! Lastly, the new space is able to contain the high possibility and potential for expansion, and that’s our ultimate goal for 2019 – to further establish ourselves and hopefully expand into the region!”