Effective Event Evolution

Eminence Events creates immersive product launches and
brand-name events by incorporating marketing elements.

Eminence Events

Eminence Events specialises in helping companies create brand-name evens and memorable retail and product launches in Asia.

  • Create high value events that drive ROI
  • Help brands develop experiences on the ground
  • Help brands to connect with people
  • Change the way events are managed


Eminence Events is a one-stop professional events management company. From consultation to conceptualisation, to client management and events execution, we are here to help our clients plan, organise and manage events so that they can have peace of mind by handing them over to us.

Eminence Events specialises in the F&B and Retail industries because we understand the need for first-rate events to impress in these vibrant and buzzing sectors. Because of this understanding, Eminence brings the finest touch to any event we create, organise and manage. We pay attention to every detail, address every need and fulfill every whim and fancy with our utmost dedication and professionalism so that every event is a memorable one for our customers and their guests.  Whether you want an extraordinary outlet opening, an intimate networking session, a lavish evening or an exciting company retreat, we will deliver it to a flourishing end.

Our team is made up of events professionals who have a natural obsession with every event detail. From choice of venue to set-up, from invites to supplies, from photography and videography to food catering, we ensure that no stone is left unturned.

Let us help you create an event your guests will talk about long into the future.
Venue with a difference? Check.
Flawless set-up that impresses? Check.
Food and beverages that have guests keep coming for seconds? Check.
Quality keepsakes from each event? Check.
Attractive invites and supplies that set each event apart? Check.

Other types of events that we can help you with: Product launches/Openings Networking events, Dinner and Dances, Company Retreats & Pop-up parties.

Why Us

As part of the ENCE team of marketing professionals, we proudly profess that we are able to:

  • Integrate marketing know-how with efficient events management
  • Ensure that your event presents your brand holistically in the right manner to the right audience

When your clients enter an Eminence-engaged event, it is our aim to deepen their relationship with your brand through the experience of the event.


To be the integrated marketing agency of choice for clients in the industries we serve.


To consistently garner the best possible public awareness for our clients by being the foremost marketing experts in the industry in each country we operate in.


Excellence – we uphold the spirit of excellence in every aspect of our work and communications
Nurturance – we nurture clients, colleagues and co-working partners; through understanding and respect of each other and each other’s work
Confidence – we have great confidence in our expertise and abilities to help companies market better
Experience – we learn from and share our experience in order to do better; we create personal experiences with every person we meet


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Experienced Staff to Help Plan Your Next Successful Event.

Eminence Events is the elite events management arm of ENCE, specialising in product launches and marketing awareness events to engage your clients better with your brand by evolving with them.

As part of the ENCE team of marketing professionals, we proudly profess that we are able to integrate marketing know how with efficient events management to ensure that your event presents your brand holistically, in the right manner to the right audience. When your clients enter an Eminence-engaged event, it is our aim to deepen their relationship with your brand through the experience of the event. Our Event Management Team is made up of people with integrity and influences, through which we attain the respect and trust of our partners and brands we work with.

Jonathan Ewe, Our team, Eminence Events

Assuming the post of Project Director, Jonathan Ewe previously held positions in a number of events company working his way up from a junior to senior level position he held critical positions in the coordination and production of a wide array of event from large scale concerts, fashion shows, national day parade to corporate team building and functions. ​

Through his 9 years of experience, he has amassed a wide range of experience in events production. Especially talented in the aspect of ensuring an unforgettable event experience for event participants within the given budget, he is more known to be resourceful and creative during preparation and event execution. He also uses a very efficient and methodical approach to each event where he is extremely focus on ensuring that the client’s’ objective is met. A man full of crazy ideas more often he love it when everyone tell him that it cannot be done as he loves to make the impossible happen.

With four years of experience in events management ranging from sporting events to road shows, Gibston’s ability to perform in a constantly changing and multi-tasking environment with numerous and competing deadlines is unquestionable. He has touched on the exhibitions aspect of events, working on mostly corporate stands, where he travels worldwide to manage each project. Apart from having exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, Gibston can ensure smooth operations, both as leader or team player of any project. Being an ardent learner, Gibston is continuously improving his standards of customer service. He is currently seeking opportunities where he can improve his skillset further on a different level while looking out for new challenges.

Sha Hussain, Our team, Eminence Events

Sha has spent 2 decades entertaining people. He loves music and making people smile. He has been a DJ, a musician and a production guy, behind the scenes of some of Singapore’s biggest productions, 5-star hotels, clubs, product launches and dinner and dances. Sha understands the importance of curating a good production team that supports the complex activities behind the scenes to make the event seamless and enjoyable to the audience. Sha’s intricate backstage experience and his star quality onstage persona ensures that he brings the event to life in the best possible manner.

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