Top 3 Event Trends In 2018


Events are set to change in a big way in 2018, and it’s not just in scale! From small events to superscale ones, these trends are set to lead the way in setting the stage for a truly transformational event experience. 


Technology has progressed by leaps and bounds, and objectives have shifted with the growing up of millennials, so events necessarily have to evolve to stay relevant in today’s marketing landscape! It is surprising though that the most significant trends in events may not necessarily be directly related to tech. 


Here are the 3 trends that experts predict will have the most far-reaching implications in events in 2018: 


This is a key trend for 2018 as it goes right into the heart of millennial and Gen Z psyche: the sharing of moments. This is why millennials and Gen Zers love sharing the moments of their day LIVE on platforms like Snapchat, Instagram Live and Facebook Live. This is why these apps are so popular.  


By live-streaming your event, millennials and Gen-Zers can get a taster of your event offsite, and if they are interested enough, they’ll make their way down to your venue for the full experience – complete with Snapchatting it for their friends to see, of course. 


Live-streaming is not something that only big events should consider, as small events can benefit from it as well. From drawing crowds to expanding the reach of events with a small capacity, live-streaming is something that all events should seriously consider in 2018. 

 Family-friendly events 

As millennials grow up and have kids, they are beginning to eschew the events of their recent past which appealed to their heady newfound adult status, for family-friendly day events where they can tote their young children along with them.  


In 2018, you’ll want to plan for events that take place in the late mornings throughout the day, because people can pop in and out and have a look. Also, providing some child-friendly activities like a Bouncy Castle or a play corner or some interactive games are a good option to consider to keep those kiddies occupied.  

If all else fails, good-old balloons and snacks are always a great idea 😉 

 Immersive selfie experience 

This is the selfie generation, so providing a unique selfie opportunity with special effects or some app-related wizardry is going to be HUGE in 2018. Selfies are a huge part of millennial life, and it has a lot to do with capturing the micro-moment and documenting “proof” that they have been there, done that. 


If you need some inspiration for providing such a selfie opportunity, you need to read about the Museum of Ice Cream in New York, a pop-up “museum” that sold 300,000 tickets within 5 days of opening, that seems made specifically for selfie-taking. With tickets priced at $18, attendees are treated to a visual extravaganza of millennial pink rooms filled with displays that are made for photo-taking: a pool full of rainbow sprinkles that visitors can dive into, and rooms filled with saccharine-sweet displays like cherries and marshmallows, for instance! 


The trend towards such events will peak in 2018, and you’ll want your business to be at the forefront of this to capitalise on its popularity! 

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