Optimise Your Business with Chinese New Year Events

Chinese New Year used to be about festive promotions, focused on discounts and goods traditionally linked to the season. Marketers now know that the best way to leverage the season is via a clever campaign mix that spans several platforms, including events, digital media, social media and traditional media. How do you plan the right type of event for marketing your brand this season? We’ve got 3 great ways for you!
  1. Harness Technology

Plan to have your event extend beyond the event venue itself. Look at your event this way: use the event time to generate leads and talk to people and include interactive elements that are technology-based to draw them in to your brand experience and improve brand retention after the event.
It could be a photo-booth where they can download their photos from a link you give them, or a microsite they access after your event to win some digital prizes or vouchers.
  1. Family-Friendly

Target young families with children and you’ve got a captive audience all ready and raring to attend your events. Children love events, and they come with parents (of course :D) Up your brand recognition by organising child-friendly activities, such as Chinese New Year related crafts, dance performances, or even fun food tasting. The festive season is always a special time for everyone, even more so for families, so leverage that! Don’t make it about marketing focus on the fun and the children. The brand awareness will be natural result of organising such events.
  1. Giving Back

The festive season is a nice time to give to the less fortunate, and Chinese New Year is no different. Events that encourage participants to pen a heartfelt wish for certain segments in society who particularly feel the loneliness during festive seasons, such as the elderly in homes, or orphan children, are very meaningful. Collection drives for food hampers are also a great way to do this. Such events generate a lot of goodwill for your brand and business.

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