Eminence Events Moves to Raffles Place!

Office relocation is a huge event indeed. When Eminence Events was set to move last year, we went through months of planning, preparation and packing, and finally moved to our new office in January 2019 – just in time for our slew of events starting from mid-January onwards! We found a space in the revamped […]

Happenings – Huobi Global

We worked with Huobi Global, one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency financial services provider, to host the first ever Global Elites Meetup in Singapore. The event featured top blockchain influencers, global elites and surprise airdrops. Blockchain professionals and blockchain enthusiasts with a strong background in finance and management turned up to learn from the finest […]

Fuel Your Business with Events in 2019

If you want an event for your brand that engages your customers purposefully, excites your target audience immediately, and captures media attention fully, event planning starts now! Chief marketing officers at prominent brands spend a great amount of their budget on live events and it’s not surprising – many surveys rank the effectiveness of live […]

November Happenings!

November was a busy, jam-packed month that saw us organising the Cosentino Cup 2018, the launch of Lilly Centre and CHUG Halloween Party. The Cosentino Cup 2018 is a futsal tournament that we organised for our client at Cosentino who wanted to forge stronger bonds with their distributors and dealers. It was a fun-filled day of sports, health and exciting […]

November Is A Month For Thanksgiving. As We Recap The Year, Eminence Events Shares…

9 Reasons Why We Are Grateful To Be In the Events Industry In Singapore Constantly on the phone with vendors. Overflowing with creative ideas. Can-do attitude. Physical stamina, mental agility. Keen eye for details. These are some of the traits of a typical event manager/planner. In order to handle all kinds of events from brand […]

Organising a Party to Celebrate Bosses’ Day

There are times employees do not understand the hard work and dedication that their superiors put in and the challenges they face on a daily basis. Boss’s Day is a great opportunity to appreciate and be thankful for all the things management have done for their employees. So, let’s tell our bosses that, and what […]

Managing Asia’s biggest motorsport event : F1

In light of the recently concluded Formula 1 2018 Singapore Grand Prix, we have much to learn about planning and execution from one of Asia’s biggest motorsport event and one of Singapore’s biggest event.  Bringing an average of $150 million in tourist dollars and over 45,000 international visitors each year during the race period, it […]

Diversity in Events: Tips to Maximise Diversity and Inclusion

In any event, the audience is the central part. Once you get the hang of your audience, every experience you create helps foster an ideal relationship with them. Event managers can make a jump start and turn event participants into loyal advocates just by understanding the role each type of audience plays in molding their […]

Events Management Has Gone Online!

Events and events planning are not the same today as they used to be some years ago. The old models are falling away and the internet is enabling new, dynamic formats of events to come to the surface and be considered by planners and event participants. Let’s briefly talk about what we mean when we […]

Spotlight on Millennials: Three Things in Events That Millennials Respond To

    They may be young, but they are aware of what they want from your event. Here are three things you should focus on to get them tuned in. Create an experience they value Unlike baby boomers, millennials value things that are qualitative in nature. According to a study sponsored by Eventbrite, “this generation […]