Have you done this ONE Events thing in the first quarter of 2018?

It has been an eventful few years for events – from experiencing a dip in popularity, to evolving to become a must-go for millennials who want different things from their experience than the generation before… events in 2018 are as important, if not MORE, than ever before.
What has not changed fundamentally is that event-goers want an experience when they attend the event, but the kind of experience they crave is now different in its interaction and outcome. Event-goers today place a premium on the  live experience and one that can be shared on social media. The event experience needs to be shareable, needs to be Insta-worthy, and it needs to embody the aspirations of the attendees.
One of the big ways to achieve this seemingly tall order is through Event Technology. And we are totally going to stick by it for the ONE thing you must do before the first quarter of 2018 is up!
Even if you have already planned your event line-up for 2018, there is still time to incorporate event tech into your events for the year. Read on to find out how!
Event technology may sound daunting because it is so broad and general, but really, if you understand it as a way to enhance the experience of your attendees, it isn’t quite as scary. Some ways of harnessing technology include providing a dynamic and intuitive online registration platform that includes special perks and behind-the-scenes peeks to enhance participant intimacy and using AI to create a virtual experience.
One of our favourite ways of harnessing tech for our events is through social media, and we have done it with great aplomb for our clients. One such client, the Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) required a series of weekend promotional events as part of their J-Treats campaign. To spread the word about the series of events and also to encourage participation and drum up the anticipation, we ran an integrated social media campaign simultaneously that also encouraged participants to post their photos and videos on their Facebook accounts with the event hashtag. Simply doing so would earn them some freebies! In all, social media proved to be a very effective means of integrating technology into this series of events, for the purposes of encouraging participant interaction and interest in the campaign.

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