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Optimise Your Business with Chinese New Year Events

Chinese New Year used to be about festive promotions, focused on discounts and goods traditionally linked to the season. Marketers now know that the best way to leverage the season is via a clever campaign mix that spans several platforms, including events, digital media, social media and traditional media. How do you plan the right […]

3 Reasons Why Events MUST be a Part of your Marketing Strategy 

So you have gotten your marketing plan all drawn up for the next year, and you are pleased to note that there is a strong focus on your social media and online channels. You would also have integrated your advertisement campaigns with your PR plan.  Before being so pleased with yourself – wait! Have you […]

People’s Association


PEOPLE’S ASSOCIATION Corporate Members Annual General Meeting Hosted by Minister Lim Swee Say for the CEOs and heads of the 100 over corporate and volunteer clubs associated with the People’s Association, ENCE` conceptualised and installed the walk down memory lane for this year’s Corporate Members’ General Meeting.   People’s Association Address: 9 King George’s Ave, […]