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Events Management Has Gone Online!

Events and events planning are not the same today as they used to be some years ago. The old models are falling away and the internet is enabling new, dynamic formats of events to come to the surface and be considered by planners and event participants. Let’s briefly talk about what we mean when we […]

Spotlight on Millennials: Three Things in Events That Millennials Respond To

    They may be young, but they are aware of what they want from your event. Here are three things you should focus on to get them tuned in. Create an experience they value Unlike baby boomers, millennials value things that are qualitative in nature. According to a study sponsored by Eventbrite, “this generation […]

Have you done this ONE Events thing in the first quarter of 2018?


It has been an eventful few years for events – from experiencing a dip in popularity, to evolving to become a must-go for millennials who want different things from their experience than the generation before… events in 2018 are as important, if not MORE, than ever before. What has not changed fundamentally is that event-goers […]

3 Event Mistakes You Need to Avoid for a Successful Event!

When planning for and organising event, you are right in thinking that there are many things to look out for. From conceptualising the event to sourcing for and securing vendors to executing and running the event – there are very many things you need to have a handle on! Not everyone can take the time […]

Optimise Your Business with Chinese New Year Events

Chinese New Year used to be about festive promotions, focused on discounts and goods traditionally linked to the season. Marketers now know that the best way to leverage the season is via a clever campaign mix that spans several platforms, including events, digital media, social media and traditional media. How do you plan the right […]

3 Reasons Why Events MUST be a Part of your Marketing Strategy 

So you have gotten your marketing plan all drawn up for the next year, and you are pleased to note that there is a strong focus on your social media and online channels. You would also have integrated your advertisement campaigns with your PR plan.  Before being so pleased with yourself – wait! Have you […]

Best Practices for Creating Personalised Event Experiences for Your Target Market

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Personalisation seems to be in vogue these days. Business owners are making good on the trend by launching products and leveling services that are custom-fit to their customers’ needs. In spite of the challenges that come with most businesses going for quantity, as opposed to the quality of the buyers’ experience with the product, the […]

Signs the Event You’re Organising is About to Fail

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Event organizing is indeed very tough. The very task of actually conceptualizing an event is a feat in itself. Then, you put up and print out all the physical necessities for the event to run smoothly. Then, you document, monitor, and evaluate. Basically, contrary to popular belief, an event is way beyond the glitz and […]

Snapchat vs. Instagram: The Better Storyteller for Your Events?

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We have entered a new era in terms of events marketing. Before, the game is focused on who gets to throw the bigger event in the larger place and with a better theme. These days though there is an underlying goal, where in most events there is a tougher point of competition: engagement. Which event […]

How to Align Your Event Marketing Strategies With Content Plans

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Event marketing is definitely one of the biggest and most popular strategies at present. Every company has a thing for it. Every brand is launched through an elaborately-held event, with society’s most prominent as attendees in the most luxurious venue. The media is in frenzy every time there is an important event associated with a […]