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Events Management Has Gone Online!

Events and events planning are not the same today as they used to be some years ago. The old models are falling away and the internet is enabling new, dynamic formats of events to come to the surface and be considered by planners and event participants. Let’s briefly talk about what we mean when we […]

Spotlight on Millennials: Three Things in Events That Millennials Respond To

    They may be young, but they are aware of what they want from your event. Here are three things you should focus on to get them tuned in. Create an experience they value Unlike baby boomers, millennials value things that are qualitative in nature. According to a study sponsored by Eventbrite, “this generation […]

Optimise Your Business with Chinese New Year Events

Chinese New Year used to be about festive promotions, focused on discounts and goods traditionally linked to the season. Marketers now know that the best way to leverage the season is via a clever campaign mix that spans several platforms, including events, digital media, social media and traditional media. How do you plan the right […]

3 Reasons Why Events MUST be a Part of your Marketing Strategy 

So you have gotten your marketing plan all drawn up for the next year, and you are pleased to note that there is a strong focus on your social media and online channels. You would also have integrated your advertisement campaigns with your PR plan.  Before being so pleased with yourself – wait! Have you […]

Using Social Media for Event Success!

  Events today are no longer what they used to be BUT remain a crucial marketing tool for businesses. There is nothing that quite replaces the dynamism of a face-to-face interaction at an event. The human experience is unparalleled and still shapes our memories and thoughts in ways that a virtual one cannot. Letting people […]

Experience Singapore’s First-Ever Virtual Reality Marketing and Events Masterclass (19 April 2017)

Eminence Events presents Singapore’s first-ever Virtual Reality Marketing and Events Masterclass.  This masterclass will showcase an international array of marketing campaigns and events using the latest in virtual and augmented reality technologies to bring these events to life. This masterclass will also give you a hands-on session to try up to 6 different types of […]

IFC Singapore

IFC Singapore International Finance Corporation 60th Anniversary Gala at Aura, at the National Gallery This black tie event incorporated a multi-ethnic performance section to showcase how Singapore embraces cross-cultural ties, which makes us such a strong hub for stable finance relations. International Finance Corporation 10 Marina Boulevard #34-02, Marina Bay Financial Centre, Tower 2 Singapore […]

International Finance Corporation Event | October 19, 2016

IFC Singapore Event - Eminence Events

Below are some photos from the International Finance Corporation’s corporate event organised by Eminence Events in Singapore. For organising impactful and memorable events, make sure you get the best, professional event management agency in Singapore to do the job for you. Visit our website at or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

MPA Fun Fit Friday | October 8, 2016

mpa singapore fun fit friday - Eminence Events

Over the weekend, the Eminence Event team organised an event for the employees of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore – MPA where they did activities that promoted fun and staying fit through boxercise, yoga and durian fiesta. Below are some photos from the event: For organizing impactful and memorable events, make sure you […]

Azimuth Watch Company


AZIMUTH WATCH COMPANY Back In Time Roulette Gala Evening Product Launch The casino theme was conceptualised by Eminence to fit with Azimuth’s range of new watches – the Roulette watch and the Back In Time watch which goes backwards. Dress code for the evening was 1930s chic and the performances and the evening’s programme were […]