3 Event Mistakes You Need to Avoid for a Successful Event!

When planning for and organising event, you are right in thinking that there are many things to look out for. From conceptualising the event to sourcing for and securing vendors to executing and running the event there are very many things you need to have a handle on!
Not everyone can take the time to plan and run an event, especially if your business is small and you need all hands on deck for regular operations. Hiring a reputable events company is a great way to ensure your event goes smoothly from start to end! We at Eminence Events are always enthusiastic about the events we organise and we would love to help you with yours!
If you have done it yourself before, you’ll know how much work goes into an event before it is ready. And if you plan to do it yourself again, here are 3 common mistakes we avoid at all costs and would suggest you avoid too, if you want to make the event a success from the very beginning.
1. Not using a packing list
This sounds almost too easy but not having a tried and tested packing list is really one of the easiest ways to slip up where events are concerned. With so many things you need to pack for an event, it is almost expected that you leave something behind in spite of your best efforts. Make a list of all the supplies you need for your event and check them off as you pack them. Check and recheck from this list before D-day so you know you have everything you need.
2. Not having a contingency plan
Venues can close its doors at the last minute. Emcees can call in sick. Rain can happen. This is especially crucial for outdoor events. Have a fully thought through wet-weather programme ready to be executed when the weather turns for the worst. You will need to secure a back-up location for your event and be ready to take the event there if needed. If there is no way to do so, you will also need to have a plan in place for if you reschedule or cancel your event. This involves knowing who will make the call and for the personnel involved in making the call, they will have to be very clear on the trigger for the decision. We at Eminence Events are very well-versed in this, and have a contingency plan in place at all times, whether it is for wet-weather or unforeseen changes at the last minute. For example, we always have a back-up emcee lined up so that the show can always go on!
3. Not doing a proper walkthrough on-site prior to the event
This is especially important to ensure everyone involved is clear on the exact sequence of the programme on the event day, and also so that everyone can visualise the event at the location itself so they know what to expect on the big day. Of course, doing up a spreadsheet and detailing everything out via email is useful for all parties in understanding the big picture, but walking through the programme on-site is the best way to prevent oversights and resolve all potential pitfalls before the event day, to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

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