Using Social Media for Event Success!


Events today are no longer what they used to be BUT remain a crucial marketing tool for businesses. There is nothing that quite replaces the dynamism of a face-to-face interaction at an event. The human experience is unparalleled and still shapes our memories and thoughts in ways that a virtual one cannot. Letting people test and try out products for themselves, giving them a taste of living in the footsteps of your brand, putting a human face behind what your brand stands for – events absolutely ace these!  However, events these days have become a multi-sensory and cross-platform experience – much like how we now live our lives transiting seamlessly between the offline and online realms. Yes, people still want to attend events, but they also want to attend events that contain a perfect blend of offline sensory experiences and interactions, and online engagements and participation. 


We have rounded up 5 nice ways for you to incorporate social media into your event for maximum participation and exposure, and we can help you implement all these and more at your next event!

  1. Use social media to talk about your event before it happens. 

And don’t just think of promoting your event! Share interesting, behind-the-scenes posts, share related content such as the concepts behind the event theme or informative and succinct posts about the product that people can look forward to trying. And of course, if there are any highlights of the event programme like free samples for all attendees or a goody bag of useful items, share that info too! You want to drive interest! 

 2. Create a clever hashtag for everyone to post about your event. 

You have probably seen #Rio2016 or #ShareaCoke on your social media feeds. They are instantly recognisable to the event or brand, and creates a feeling of solidarity and hype as everyone posts with the official hashtag to show that they are a part of the event! It also makes searching for posts easy, since the hashtag helps consolidate all the posts that include it. Something simple that captures your brand in one word would work well, and if you can, make it witty or catchy for that extra oomph. 

 3. Run simple giveaways or promotions on your social media channels pertaining to your event. 

This helps drum up interest and participation from your audience! It can be really simple, with mechanics that include sharing your event’s Facebook page and Liking it, to stand a chance to win something that you know your audience will appreciate. You can also get your customers to share photos of themselves at your event to enjoy some perks at your business or your partners. 

4. Work with social media personalities aka “influencers”. 

This is a very smart way to get people to attend your event and draw attention to it. The phenomenon of the social media personality has arisen because people spend more time on social media and are hence more influenced by what they read about and see on their social media feeds. Engaging a social media personality whose interests are related to your business can do a lot to help promote your event by way of gaining positive exposure and making your event visible to the “influencer’s” fans.  

5. Encourage your attendees to share their event experience on social media and create a post-event narrative of the compiled posts and photos. 

If you can, set up a live feed at your event site that displays Tweets or your photos posted on Instagram of your event. If budget permits, you may even consider getting a live photo booth for a photostream and print-outs as keep-sakes. People love these and they get to keep good memories made at your event. You can compile all these photos and social media posts into a video and upload it to your website and social media pages, and this can be used as promotional material for your next event. Win-win-win!  

We’ve enjoyed shared these tactics with you and we’d love to chat with you more about how to execute them well! We’ve got an experienced events team and social media marketing team who know what it takes to use social media well for your events, so come, ask us today! 

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